Floor Care

First class marble (and other material) floor cleaning & restoration for corporate buildings, retail centers, high rises, schools, and small businesses

Marble Care Service

Marble Floor Cleaning is one of many floor care maintenance services offered to meet Florida’s floor care needs. As the leading Florida cleaning and maintenance service, we offer first class marble floor cleaning & restoration for corporate buildings, retail centers, high rises, schools, and small businesses.

A & M Top Quality Services is proud to utilize only the latest cleaning equipment, floor care techniques and commercial janitorial supplies to meet and exceed your high standards of cleanliness and floor appearance.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning services that will impress any business or home owner. A&M Top Quality Services restores Ceramic, Porcelain, Mexican Tile and Grout for superior results and long lasting protection. Read more in this section about the treatments we provide. We use steam extraction and detailed cleaning techniques to remove dirt and stains built up from wear and tear.

Grout Staining

Grout Staining is a process we offer for the aesthetic look you want from your tile floors. Together with professional Tile Cleaning and Sealing, your tile floor will look brand new again!

Tile and Grout Sealing

Sealing the Tile Floor after it has been cleaned is an important step towards long lasting protection. A&M Top Quality Services uses only top of the line products for the highest quality results you want.

Our Tile Floor experts are experienced with hundreds of projects ranging from lobby areas of high rise buildings to individual residential homes.

Carpet Cleaning

Complete and comprehensive carpet cleaning and shampooing is just another specialty service we can offer. Our technicians use only state of the art cleaning agents, and focus on removing stains and dirt diligently and safely. Homes with carpet need to have regularly scheduled cleaning. Carpets quickly accumulate harmful bacteria and germs. Although vacuuming regularly will keep your carpet looking clean, a vacuum cannot thoroughly reduce germs and bacteria. Our carpet cleaning pros will clean your carpet to the core so it’s safe for your family to enjoy.

VCT Stripping & Waxing

Finished floors are often one of the biggest investments an establishment can make. As a result, protection and maintenance become critical tasks for cleaning professionals. A great first step towards protecting finished floors is implementing a mat program.

Outdoor and foyer/entryway area mats can remove much of the dirt and debris from shoes, preventing it from being tracked inside and onto your finished floors. Inside, matting can also help to remove the final bit of dirt, including moisture.

A&M Top Quality Services can offer you a floor care programs to help you improve and maintain in the appearance of your floors. We specialize in marble, concrete and VCT floors. In the current economic climate, businesses of all types are challenged with maintaining finished floors with limited budgets and personnel.

Gym floors can be a living, breathing organism; there is rarely a time when they are not being used or are not in demand. The most common gym floor, when you think about the term, is the floor found in schools at every level and sports arenas. No matter where these floors are, chances are they take a daily beating.

Terrazzo Care Service

We ensure the best materials maintain their finishes with care and professionalism. Outdoor or indoor. Terrazzo can be honed to produce a number of finishes, all of which depend on the fact that it is such a hard substance that it can be used to create a very smooth surface.

By creating a surface that is incredibly smooth on a microscopic level, terrazzo reflects light and delivers an elegant sheen. Inevitably, this smooth surface will suffer wear on a small scale. With dust, dirt and grit being trodden into the floor, the surface gets very slightly scratched, resulting in a less reflective surface.

The nature of this calcium based rock is that is is very vulnerable to being stained and etched by acids. Even the acidity of of drinks such as fruit juice can leave a lasting mark if not properly dealt with.
How we maintain the floor

Our experience and equipment enables us to achieve the best possible results for your terrazzo floor. Every type of natural stone has it’s own unique traits and we will assess and identify the best technique for your situation. We use a multi-stage process that removes any existing sealant and treats significant stains or marks as thoroughly as possible. We then use a number of techniques and products to achieve a high quality finish

Terrazzo surfaces can show wear quite quickly, but can be rapidly restored by honing and polishing. Honing gives a satin smooth surface with little light reflection, whereas a polished finish has a glossy surface that reflects light, which can dramatically emphasise the colours and markings in the terrazzo.

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