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Warehouse Floor Sealing

Sealing Warehouse Floors to prevent Stains and help with cleanup.

Keeping a warehouse floor clean and damage-free is important to the life of the floor. Most warehouse floors and very large in area and can be costly to repair if not maintained. To maintain a warehouse floor, it should be cleaned and sealed every couple of years.

Sealing a warehouse floor will lock out unwanted moisture that can penetrate the concrete and cause water damage. A warehouse floor sealer will also resist stains and spills making them easier to clean up. When no sealer is present, staining is common and some stains from oil and grease can become permanent eyesores.

Before sealing a warehouse floor the entire surface should be cleaned with a mild detergent and a pressure washer or scrub brush. For extremely large areas, a floor-scrubbing machine can be used. Once the floor is clean and the wastewater is extracted, the floor should be allowed to dry for several days.

The best sealer for a warehouse floor is a penetrating no gloss type sealer. Normally these are siloxane-based clear sealers. They give the floor a slight wet look but without the glossy finish or slippery texture. These warehouse floor sealers will penetrate the concrete floor up to a ¼ inch for maximum protection against stains and moisture.

Creating a non-slip stain-free surface is important when dealing with warehouse floors in commercial or industrial use. A well-maintained warehouse floor will increase the value of the property and keep repair costs down.

Maintenance is the key to a damage-free and great looking floor. Sealing a warehouse floor is a smart way to protect your investment and to keep building costs and future repairs to a minimum.

Our work practices and flooring recommendations are ultimately driven by your specific, unique needs.

First, we carefully evaluate the condition of your floor, and what types of machinery, equipment, chemicals, and traffic it bears every day. In other words, what are you asking of it? How does it need to perform? With that information in tow, we can then begin the selection and recommendation of a specific coating, engineered for function and longevity.

Pre-job planning is extensive – every moment we invest in communication and planning allows for a smooth process and minimal workflow interruptions for you.

We take the time to thoroughly and properly prepare the surface before the application. This ensures secure adhesion, and therefore a long, attractive, productive life for your system.

Depending on the circumstances of the floor and the long-range plan, we would recommend an action plan as described below:

Shot Blasting Services

Whether you’re getting rid of an existing concrete coating or thinking about adding a new one. Shot blasting is the number one choice for concrete floor preparation. The reason for this is simple: shot blasting is fast, accurate, clean, and the least expensive way to prep your concrete floors.

Shot blasting is the preferred treatment for surface preparation because of its ability to shave off a micro-fine layer of concrete without compromising the rest of the concrete surface. Furthermore, since shot blasting is a dustless process, there is absolutely no mess to clean up. The concrete floor is literally ready to paint the same day it is blasted.

At A&M we only use state of the art equipment and have done so for many years.

Concrete Cleaning:

Not only does A&M offer shot blasting services, but we also offer floor cleaning and scrubbing as well. Not all of our customers are looking for the five-year guarantee that blasting can provide. Blasting does scar concrete and once done it is irreversible. If our tenant is leasing a warehouse, they may not have the option for blasting their concrete and need a temporary solution.

Thinking about testing out a new pattern in the warehouse? Scrubbing and coating is a good way to do a test run before making that change permanent. Scrubbing and coating can last up to two or three years and in many cases with the added benefit of being much easier to remove if and when it’s needed. Not all projects are the same so please get with one of our knowledgeable estimators to learn about your concrete floor prep options.

Our cleaning equipment includes ride-on scrubbers for the most strenuous jobs, wheel-mounted power- washing equipment, and good old fashioned manual soft mops, shop mops and hand brooms. In most situations, dust and dirt can easily and affordably be removed from your warehouse no matter what size. Also, if you happen to have grease or oil stains, these can be treated as well.

A&M is an environmentally sensitive company; we offer a full line of environmentally safe cleaning products and services.

All water used during the concrete surface cleaning process is treated after each of our concrete scrubbing and concrete washing projects. We use a water reclamation system which we feel is pretty important; we take dirty contaminated water and we truck it to a local water treatment facility.

Concrete Paint Removal & Clean Up:

Our concrete cleaning services also include concrete paint removal. You may have had several types of painted or coated surfaces that have since started to fail, or are just no longer needed, such as safety lines, warehouse striping, or floor coatings.

Allow our crews to come out to your warehouse and give you that clean and usable surface. We do this by utilizing our knowledge, tools, and services made specifically for the purpose of removing these paints, sealers, and adhesives. From shot blasters, grinders and scarifies, to ride-on scrubbers, sweepers, and chemicals, we have the right tools and the experience to get your concrete cleaning projects done.

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