Parking Lot Sweeping

Amid rising maintenance costs and countless other priorities, few property owners want to bother with the expense, equipment maintenance and effort of street or parking lot sweeping.

Fortunately, working with the right professionals means you don’t have to.

A&M provides complete night sweeping and day porter programs customized to fit your hours, property specifications and budget. In business since 2009, maintaining properties all over Florida, we have the equipment and qualified sweeping technicians to help you make the most of your property.

A&M utilizes a customized parking lot sweeping pattern for your property to ensure that our sweeping vehicle removes cigarette butts, paper, plastic lids, coffee cups, cans, leaves, grass and other debris that accumulates in your parking area.

Our team is equipped with backpack blowers to hand blow all the sidewalk areas, corners, around parking blocks, and other areas not accessible with our parking lot sweepers.

In addition, we alert and will notify you and coordinate with you the removal of any illegally dumped items on your property as well as report vandalism.

Our sweeping services can help you:

Creating great first impressions have a huge impact on potential clients. When people come to your property, you want them to see pristine conditions. How you treat your facilities reflects how you treat other jobs.

If customers see a messy parking lot, they’ll assume the mess reaches the rest of the building. Not only that, they’ll view your property in a negative light. Parking lot conditions impact your tenancy, their employees and their visitors. Coming to work through a dirty parking lot sets the mood for the rest of the day. You can keep a professional environment by using our sweeping service. Impress clients and employees with a spotless property.

Improving Investments:

Your parking lots and parking garages present a huge investment. You want every investment to last long without breaking the bank.

Parking Lot Sweepers aid in maintaining the integrity of your parking lots. Concrete and asphalt wear down eventually. Excess dirt, rainwater, and garbage speed up that process. These factors affect striping as well. Regular cleaning with sweepers helps your investment last. It reduces how often you need to repave and restripe.

The cost of totally repaving and restriping exceed the cost of regular cleanings. Parking Lot Sweepers reduce the need for interior floor maintenance as well.